Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Net Savvy" and "P21 Framework articles"

Much of the text of the "Net Savvy" article talks about the net-culture of today's students and the state-of-the-art of internet forums. I don't see the connection between these technology matters and learning other than more powerful tools of delivery. The author made a good point of embedding information literacy across the curriculum. I take it as a call for educators to force the students to learn how to use technology (ironically, the author began by saying the net-generation are experts in these modalities - natives, as compared to adults who are immigrants to the tech world). The "P21" article is better. Like the new food pyramid, this article prescribed the skills and knowledge domain for the 21st century. While it has a lot of common sense appeal and parallels some requirements (e.g. Criteria 3 of ABET 2000), it is a vision. Vision means no proof is needed and not responsible for damages if they are wrong. I am not knocking their idea but is this group, Partnership for 21st Century Skills, a domain name? A virtual organization? Or a legitimate organization with qualified members putting out adjudicated material? Caveat emptor !!!

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