Sunday, October 28, 2007

21st Century Literacy

Great article.

NCLB (and the reauthorization) cativates the attention of all K-12 educators. Meanwhile, the reality of the 21st Century skills must also be addressed. Teachers can help by using technology in teaching and requiring students to use technology to do group projects and search for information. The points about getting kids to self-direct, be curious, be creative, take risks, perform higher-order thinking and exercise sound reasoning are easier said than done, however. Aside from the skills described, many of the desirable characteristics listed are ideals to work toward...nice to list as ideals and strive for them. It's one thing to say the ideal car goes from zero to 100 mpy in no time, use no fuel, environmental friendly, cost nothing to buy and maintain. It's quite another thing to make that happen. Nice thought process, though!

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